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The Story of Axel

Axel spent at least 8 months of his life after being 'given away' chained to a fence on a slab of concrete with no shelter and very little food and water. Due to the intervention of a concerned neighbour who contacted us, a 'kennel' was reluctantly provided by the owner along with an icecream container of water. We provided food, blankets and repeated visits to speak to the owner and try to improve life for poor Axel, his chain was so short he could only come a little way out of his 'kennel' and was cold miserable and lonely. At one of our visits we were luckily able to convince the owner to part with Axel for a sum of money which is what it took in the end. He happily took the money and we happily took Axel! So happy to be free from his prison Axel was SO excited, full of cuddles, licks and smooches for his rescuers. He is a very special, loving dog and now has a wonderful forever home in a family where he is loved and treasured like every dog should be.