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The Story of Despair

We came accross Despair last year (Yes that is what his owners named him) He had spent his entire life in all elements on the chain, no water, no real food he was only fed cooking scraps. Despair sat in a makeshift kennel a wooden box, he was teased with kittens/cats, water, food he also suffered his paws being burnt - from him constantly standing in his urine. Despair was in a Shutdown stage, where the dog just waits for release by death, he pined for freedom. We worked with the family for several months they finally became fed up with "feeding" him and wanted him gone. At the 11th hour the owner decided he was a valuable dog and wanted $250 for him. A very kind man who followed his story donated the money and we were able to get him out. We renamed him Red and he went into a wonderful foster home where he spent some time in hydro therapy strengthening his weakened muscles. He also spent his days doing what dogs should be doing - being cuddled in a safe home, sleeping in a warm bed with plenty of toys, fresh water and food. Red then went on to be adopted by a fantastic family who we keep in touch with on a regular basis.