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The Story of WINNIE

This is Winnie she is gentle quiet girl she had been living on a section for approx 4 months - the children simply would simply not refill her bucket so we filled her bucket once a week. On wet nights the children tipped the recycle bin and she slept in that….when they remembered that is. After many hours of visiting the owners and convincing finally.... Winnie is now off her choker chain from her dirt bed with no shelter. At handover and the 11th hour the owner decided she wanted $100 cash, she was told she could have the $100 cash if she gave us $200 cash and that the vet was waiting for Winnie, she then happily signed relinquishment form. Not one family member came outside to say goodbye to her. Winnie was lifted gently into the car- she was like a stunned mullet. She fully trusted the person who always bought her bones. On her 1st lead and collar at the vets for vaccinating/microchipping she was exemplary. She is settling well now into her new homE