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The Story of Myrtle

I’ve been meaning to send you a photo of my two furry children for ages!Murphy ended up being called Myrtle since she was sick of people thinking she was a bloke, haha! They both have their winter coats on now, and it’s interesting to see how much bigger Max has grown than Myrtle. He likes to badger her any chance he gets, but she’s faster and can always dash away. Myrtle is also more into normal cat things like roaming outside and catching crickets. Which she then brings into the house of course… Last week she bought in a big fat earthworm. Quite peculiar. And Max is very different, he follows me everywhere when I’m home and insists on sleeping on my pillow, with his cat breath breathing on my face whenever I let him. He always wants to be held and purrs like a little outboard motor. So while Myrtle is catching live subjects, Max brings in twigs (some quite large) and bits of bread, that I can only presume have been thrown out for the birds by some of my neighbours. He doesn’t eat the bread, he just seems to like to drag it thru the cat door, haha!