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The Story of Sam

Thought I would check in and let you know how Freida’s getting on in her new abode! We had lots of hiding, no eating and lots of plaintive mewing for the first day and a half until my Sam built a little kitty haven in our bedroom where she could hide, play on her cat tree, eat, and do her business in relative contained privacy and with the option of observing us coming and going. We found out pretty quickly that she was an excellent jumper/climber because she scaled the walls almost instantly! At the end of day two I was concerned that she hadn’t eaten anything yet so I warmed up some kitten food (nice and stinky!!) and hopped into her little enclosure to give it to her. We played with the feather wand for a while and then almost without realising it she started eating (and allowing me to stroke her while she ate!!). The next day when we were playing with the feather wand again I stroked her back with it and her little tail went up and she started purring….pretty soon I was stroking her with my hand – which she loved, and now she is starting to actively seek out affection which is GREAT! The seven year old of the house has also been in to play with her and they get on like a house on fire! Daisy adores her and is learning to read her subtle signals – “I’m ready for you to stroke me now”, and “I want to keep playing!” The mewing at night is diminishing and she’s starting to explore the rest of our bedroom, although rather timidly. She’s such a sweetheart and I think she’ll come out of her shell even more when we get our little British Blue boy…he’ll be younger (10 weeks) but will love trying to keep up with his new pal I bet!Thanks again to you and Forgotten Felines for helping us find such a special little baby – she is responding so well to love and attention and has a lovely disposition.