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The Story of Flame

Flame is doing so well and has definitely settled in her new home now. She’s become an incredibly loving little girl and is a fantastic companion for me. I really do adore her. She spends most days outside coming in about 7 at night. She is really affectionate and purrs so much. shes losing the white bits on her face now and is growing so fast. she’s not to sure when friends come over but thats understandable she’s ok when I give her reassurance while their here. A few weeks ago I received a gift from her, she caught a sink and had fun playing with it for ages, I praised her lots and gave here a treat. She’s in really good health and has had no health issues since her first week. She seems to be feeling safe and secure here now and as time has gone by her loving personality continues to show it self. Im really looking forward to see how her personality develops over time