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The Story of POOH

As you can see from the title Bill has called her Pooh (as in Pooh bear, can’t blame me for that). What can I say he loves Pooh Bear and now this Pooh. I thought Staffy girl was a good name but was over ruled, hey ho. What can I tell you about her she has settled in really well and Bill and Pooh are virtually inseperable. It’s amazing how quickly she has got attached to Bill e.g when he went into the bedroom for his nana nap this afternoon, Pooh kept going up to the gate watching out for him. It wasn’t until she heard him snoring through the window out the front, did she settle herself by the living room door leading to the bedrooms and stayed there till he got up. We were expecting a couple of nights of whining etc and waking up to a mess, but we were suprised we got neither. She is well trained and we are starting to teach her a few more things. She is good natured and fits in our home really well. kind regards Bernadette and Bill