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The Story of WILMA

The first photo is of me at Dogwatch. I've been at my new home in Sumner for 2 weeks now and I've settled in really well. I liked my initial name of Honey, but now I like to be called Wilma. I have a new brother called Otis the Cat - he's alright but he spends most of the day sleeping under the duvet and he doesn't like his bum being sniffed. I went for my first walk down to the beach the other day, and got to hang out with a giant Ridgeback and he showed me how to dip my paws in the water. One day I might be brave like him and jump right on in there! I like cruising round in the van. I like jumping into my favourite bush in the backyard with my toys. I like to help Mum with the gardening by helping her dig. I like to sniff the cats bum. I like to give Hi 5's. I like to sleep in the sun. I like to cuddle. Thanks SOOO much for looking after me while I stayed with you guys - I really appreciate it and will be in to visit soon. Love and sniffs, Wilma the Dog p.s. Pipa & Tony also say hi and they reckon I'm the bees knees. NOTE FROM DOGWATCH: Honey was dumped at the Selwyn River along with her 4 litter mates. They were found and taken to the Rangiora Pound. 2 found new homes from there, the other 2 were taken to a Vet after 7 days to be put to sleep..... but they ended up coming to Dogwatch instead!