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The Story of MOLLY

Thank you so much Trish for contacting me about Molly. You said she’d be perfect for me, and she is. She is such a lovely girl, and is a big part of our family. It took her a few days to settle down and relax with us, but now that she has she is so loyal. She loves my son, and follows him everywhere. She even gets on with Steve the cat, although she won’t tolerate any other cats coming on the property. We walk her everyday, and often take her to the river or the beach so she can have a good run off the lead. When she’s running around like crazy, she looks so happy and full of joy that it makes me smile, although I don’t think the seagulls and ducks like it much.She has a couple of issues, but the good far outweighs any bad, and we wouldn’t do without her. Molly’s new family