The 10 Golden Rules for Adopting

Be honest with yourself. Ask yourself these very simple questions and if you can't commit to them it doesn't mean you're awful it just means you shouldn't adopt an animal companion at this stage of your life.

  1. Why do you want to adopt a pet? Because you can give it everything it needs or it's just an impulse thought?
  2. Are you ready to make a long term commitment to this animal? This means for its entire life!
  3. Do you know what type of pet is right for you or your family?
  4. Can you afford a pet? That includes its food, shelter and health.
  5. Will you make sure you allocate quality time with your pet every day?
  6. Who will pay for your pets health challenges?
  7. Are you willing to put the time, effort and money into training your pet?
  8. Will you bother to pet-proof your home and garden?
  9. Is your home adequate for a pet and if you rent your home will your landlord allow you to have a pet?
  10. Does everyone in your family want to add a pet to the mix?