Last updated 2016-12-09 15:47:35

Adult - Female Rottweiler cross

Located in Hawke's Bay

Poppy was rescued at around 8weeks from a very bad situation and has subsequently survived through parvo virus without vaccination. Has been chipped and was registered but unfortunately could not keep up with the registration. Poppy is a lovely well trained dog, she can walk without a lead, and has learnt the command 'behind'(walks behind you as people approach if she sees them before you do), can and will sit at all road curbs and street crossings when walked, fully toilet trained and can live either indoors or out, eager to please and loves to learn. She has an odd back right joint in her leg which means she can do short walks only, doesnt hinder her from sitting or running or swimming but as she gets older its becoming noticeable and likely she may have to have it removed depending on xray results. Poppy loves people and affection, she is definitely a popper that cannot be left alone. She is house trained to bark only when people approach the property but otherwise is quiet and loves to sit on the front porch to sleep and chew large bones. Poppy can be clumsy so best to have her with older kids that can handle a wagging tail that can clear table tops. she loves to play, loves cuddles and general attention. Her colouring can look intimidating but she is extremely beautiful and kind natured. Best paired with a female or family.

Poppy's details

PetRescue ID: 2830
Age: 7 Years
Adoption Fee: Free to good home
Desexed: No
Vaccinated: No
Wormed & Flead: Yes
Registered: No
Microchipped: Yes
Rescue Group: stacey Gordon
Phone: 021555065
Email: Send an email