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Adult - Male Huntaway x

Located in Auckland

Hi! I'm Raphael. Let me tell you what I'm like. First of all I'm big! Now just over 30kgs, I'm long and tall like a frankfurter on stilts. From day one my temperament has been calm and confident. I never had any trouble socialising with dogs or humans; I ran through tunnels without hesitation and took to the water readily. I'm fully toilet trained, don't have a hint of separation anxiety, and have learnt good bite inhibition. While I like my food I'm not particularly food driven, and I don't generally jump up unless I get really excited. The only problem is that I have developed hip dysplasia on both sides in my hind quarters. This means my femur heads don't sit snug in their sockets. Because of this I need special care. I'm only allowed carefully managed walks, nearly all on-lead and quite short. I'm not allowed to play fetch or do anything else too wriggly or strenuous, including play with other dogs. Because of this I have a bit more energy to burn than usual, although this will settle down a bit when I get a bit older. Check out my Fb page more details and pics, including how to best look after me. https://www.facebook.com/raphaelthedog

Raphael's details

PetRescue ID: 1714
Age: 1 Years
Adoption Fee: Free to good home
Desexed: Yes
Vaccinated: Yes
Wormed & Flead: Yes
Registered: Yes
Microchipped: Yes
Rescue Group: John Catmur
Phone: 02102557258
Email: Send an email